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ExperiênciaConhecimentoDedicação são apenas alguns dos motivos que tornam a Polibras no seu parceiro ideal.

Specialized Solutions

Despite the wide variety of standardized products, there are some applications for which specialized products are required in order to answer our client’s needs.

For those special applications, Polibras guarantees to find the best solutions. Availability, flexibility, and a quick reaction to the requirements of each industry are part of the advantages we offer our customers.

We have professionals at your entire disposal to answer technical questions and help you choose the right product.

As an European Leader willing expand, not only do we we have a strong presence on a national level but we also focus on export or products to more than 30 countries on a daily basis. Though a multidisciplinary team, we are able to give you support in Portuguese, English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.


Cintas e Rolos de Surface Conditioning, com grão de grosso a super fino, largura entre os 6 mm e os 600 mm, e c omprimento a partir de 260 mm.

Surface Conditioning Belts and Rolls


Discos de V em Lixa, da categoria Abrasivos da Polibras. Permite furos com diversos tamanhos e forma. Lixas: Tela X e Tela J.

V-Pleated Abrasive Buffs


Discos de Folhas Costuradas ou Soltas da categoria de Polimentos, dos produtos Polibras. Em tela, sisal ou sisal/tela. As melhores soluções de acabamento.

Standard Polishing Discs

Polishing Material

Rolos de Malha Abrasiva para Circuitos Impressos, com possibilidade de impregnação. As melhores soluções de acabamento na Polibras.

Rollers for Printed Circuit Boards


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